At the New York Life San Diego General Office, we do more than work in the community, we're part of it. Many of our Agents have local roots - some even go back generations. That's important, because it gives them a vested interest in the people and businesses that make up the community. We believe there's no greater job than helping our friends and neighbors succeed.


New York Life San Diego’s Child ID Program is designed to help children in our community stay safe in the home, at play, or wherever they happen to be. Tens-of-thousands of children have participated over the years in our child ID cards, providing their families with peace of mind knowing that if something should ever happen to their children, they will have an ID with vital information to distribute to the local authorities.


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We're so proud of Suzanne Maybo for her hard work with the Seany Foundation. Suzi has earned $55,000 through several Community Impact Grants. New York Life supported her dedication with a $15,000 grant check at the Star Wars opening premier in 2016 to aid the Seany Foundation in their mission to help children and families affected by cancer.

Seany Foundation
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National Foundation for Autism Research

“New York Life is committed to giving back to the local community” noted Juan Leon, President and Founder of the National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR). “The support of their employees and agents has made a huge impact on what our nonprofit has been able to do for those with autism – from early identification to employment training. Since 2011, New York Life has contributed more than $80,000 in funding through Community Impact Grants, volunteerism and local fundraising efforts.

National Foundation for Autism Research

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